Technology Principles

Trōv is a tech company that focuses on making its APIs developer friendly, but also powerful.

Clean, Consistent API

The Trōv API was designed for ease of use by the partner technology team. It purposefully minimizes the number of endpoints required to complete the various user flows.

The Trōv API leverages definitional specifications to ensure consistency in the workflow across different user flows and different insurance products.


The Trōv API is configured to ensure that all of our underwriter rates and rules are followed on a state-by-state basis. If any calls do not conform to underwriter rules, an informative message will be returned.

Any updates to rates or rules will be handled by Trōv and communicated to Partner.


Trōv's API infrastructure is built upon tasks and state machines orchestrating actions needed to support a given workflow.

Workflow has the ability to handle integrations & communications with partner, underwriter, and potential 3rd parties.

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