The quote is at the heart of the insurance product and is the first call that you’ll get back from the Trōv API. A quote is generated based on the specific product application requirements. Following the Quote, users progress on to Bind.

User Journey

API Interactions

The following table and flowchart outline the key interactions and requirements associated with obtaining a Quote via the Trōv API.

Location in which user enters into the insurance ux. This could be a landing page or embedded call-out in an existing page.
User answers questions required to provide a quote.
User reviews insurance offering within Partner UX. Data for a quote is pre-filled or entered by user.
Trōv API
Partner Actions
Partner develops landing page or embeds in experience. Trōv provides example resources.
Partner surfaces questions to user and collects responses. Requirements for questions provided by Trōv.
Pass Product Underwriting Requirements from APPLY step to the quote API. Trōv handles pricing logic.

Reference UI

For all Trōv products, we supply UX libraries to help facilitate launch for product, design and engineering teams. The below is a sample of the Quote UI for our renters product.




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