Bind is the process of providing additional details and approvals following the quote to officially initiate a new policy. Following Bind, the users policy is effective and they will interact with Policy Management and Claims, if required. Documentation for Policy Management and Claims is coming soon.

User Journey

API Interactions

The following table and flowchart outline the key interactions and requirements associated with Binding policies via the Trōv API.

User enters additional personal information required to bind quote and create a policy.
User enters payment information, which is processed by third party or partner after the quote is accepted and bound (see next step).
User accepts quote after providing profile and payment information.
Trōv API
Partner Actions
Partner collects and stores information, based on Trōv Profile Documentation to be passed to Trōv as part of ‘Bind.’
Partner (or third party) processes payment for the policy, confirms payment status to Trōv, and communicates policy purchase to user. Note, this is the final step in the server process.
Partner passes acceptance of quote to Trōv, which then creates policy and initiates payment.

Reference UI

For all Trōv products, we supply UX libraries to help facilitate launch for product, design and engineering teams. The below is a sample of the Bind UI for our renters product.




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